About Makeetha Employment Bureau (Pvt) Ltd.

We Makeetha would be pleased to recruit your new employees on your behalf. Our service save you a lot of time - and everybody knows that time is money. We recruits new employees for your company in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Employees' Statutory, Gratuity, EPF/ETF Payments

We undertake to prepare the staff salaries on behalf of companies � offices and factories eliminating your need to have separate staff for this purpose. We also undertake to maintain statutory payments such as Employees Provident Fund, Employees Trust Fund and gratuity payments.

We carry out the accounting functions of small and medium companies by sending our staff for preparation of accounts on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Our styles are both advisory and facilitative. Our management consulting services help companies solve mission-critical problems through identifying, designing and operating high value changes in their strategies and operations.

We can assist you to yield significant improvement in terms of revenue growth, operating efficiencies and the management of capital.