About Makeetha Employment Bureau (Pvt) Ltd.

We Makeetha would be pleased to recruit your new employees on your behalf. Our service save you a lot of time - and everybody knows that time is money. We recruits new employees for your company in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Our Consultants

Makeetha professional consultants have specific recruiting industry background that makes them uniquely and eminently qualified to deliver a correct skill match on command. Their expertise enables to thoroughly understand clients needs and candidates abilities to make the placement process precise.

Makeetha Employment Bureau (Pvt) Ltd has 27 dedicated staff members and have over 1500 employees Island wide. Makeetha is in the business of effectively understanding your manpower requirements procuring the prospective candidates with the desired profile and building trust and relationship.

With industry expertise in hand, Makeetha realizes that at present Companies require more than a skilled candidate. They need employees who are productive, exhibit positive attitude and have the ability to become a team players. No doubt, employees are the most valuable asset of any organization. Ultimately the existence, success and customer satisfaction of the company is directly depending on the employees.